Adapter with USB C for fast charging iPhone, the first time will not be sold separately. This was written the publication Macotakara. According Macoakara, after the start of sales iPhone in 2018, the power adapter with USB-C will be impossible to buy separately, unlike other chargers, the Apple. This delay is due to production problems at Apple partners. While they are trying to have time to equip the flagship smartphones.

Certified adapters with USB-C from third-party manufacturers will, most likely, next year. In the report, Macotakara notes that other companies will get access to the chip C48B only at the end of 2018.

Earlier it became known that included with the iPhone will be shipped in 2018-new 18-watt adapters with USB-C. however, the iPhone will remain the Lightning connector. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus X and iPhone supports fast charging, but Apple continues to put them in the charger set to 5 watts.


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