In the past, MacBook Pro owners have complained of the work of the speakers. However, some time ago, the network appeared again similar complaints. It is assumed that the negative impact on the operation of the speaker having the program Adobe Premiere Pro.

On the official forum of Adobe has already gathered many complaints from disgruntled users. Judging by available information, when using Adobe Premiere Pro speakers MacBook Pro can proceed to make loud noises. Most often the problem occurs when you edit the sounds in the videos.

First claim for improper operation of loudspeakers when using Adobe Premiere Pro started appearing on the official Adobe forum back in November of last year. However, in January the number has increased significantly. Apparently, the problem is present in versions 12.0.1 and 12.0.2 application Premiere Pro CC for Mac.

Representatives from Adobe isn’t actively help users. However, the network has information about that if you mute the microphone of the MacBook Pro in Premiere Pro via the settings app, then the problem will disappear. However, judging by the reviews, this solution helps not for everyone.


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