On 5-6 June in Moscow in REU them. G. V. Plekhanov festival Silver Mercury — one of the main events in the world of Russian marketing, which this year will be held under the motto “Advertising in the open”. Within two days of the festival guests expect panel discussions on the hot topics. On trends in digital and the evolution in sales, about the LGBT creative and native advertising, on sponsorship in art and about the most powerful integrations in the 2018 world Cup — and this is not a complete list of topics for discussion during the Festival. In addition to panel discussions, the first day of the festival will be showing the videos of the laureates of the international festival of creativity Cannes Lions. Also in Mercury Silver will be attended by the representatives of Coca-Cola, Hyundai Motor, Invitro, PepsiCo, IKEA, Beeline, SAV Entertaiment, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow and other organizations. Full festival program and list of speakers here. Oleg Ulanski Speaker at leading conferences on advertising, marketing, customer loyalty, online business. 30 years of marketing management and advertising in Russia, Ukraine and Israel. Led marketing of several Internet-resources of the group of companies “RosBusinessConsulting”: Loveplanet.ru, QIP, Smotri.com, Tvidi.ru. Managed advertising and marketing insurance companies ROSNO and NASTA. Led TVs “the ruby” in the Brand of the year-2002. In Israel, ran an advertisement for ethnic and cultural minorities in a number of advertising agencies, the mobile operator “Pelephone”. He led the election campaign of the candidate in mayors of Jerusalem (in Russian). Advertising specialist for ethnic and cultural minorities to communicate with guests of the “Silver mercury” one of the most emotional last time. In his section he’ll talk about how homosexuality is reflected in modern advertising creative, how depend on consumer and mediadevice man, what are you goals, the authors of advertising campaigns on the theme of homosexual love. Theme: “Creativity comes out of the closet”. Homosexual relationships in the advertising and creativity — a view from Israel. What are the goals of the communications using the theme of homosexual love. Advertisement about gays = advertisements for gays? Queer creativity — how it has changed over the years. Change of attitude of different groups of society to such advertising? Session: June 5, Hall 1, 14:00 — 16:00 the Opponents of advertising that uses images and themes of LGBT relationships a lot, but more and more brands are showing their interest in these consumers, tolerance and loyalty to people with different sexual orientation and allocate them as the target audience. What are the goals of the communications using the theme of gay love? Always is about gays — it is for gays? As the change over the years, the attitude of the society towards the LGBT community have changed queer creative, and images of gays in advertising change society itself? What is the role of microinfusion in the formation of the advertising market, representative sample of LGBT images? Speakers: Oleg Ulanski — advertising specialist for ethnic and cultural minorities. The Rapporteur of the leading conferences on advertising, marketing, customer loyalty, online business. Sasha Kazantsev is the co — founder of the LGBT edition O-zine.ru journalist Wonderzine. Leading the largest telegrams channel on LGBT issues “Washed his hands”. Janis ticket — PR Manager of the Aviasales, researcher queer aspects of mass communication, Stirling University. Nick Benko the Owner and the General Director of Agency sales “SalesOnTheTop”. Coach sales, expert on publicity and marketing, speaker. Over 22 years of professional work in the advertising business has gone from a sales assistant in the store until the owner of the business. In a portfolio of implemented projects creation and development from scratch of 4 companies and more than hundreds of completed advertising campaigns at the Federal level. Was trained by Brian Tracy, Allan Pease’s, of Radislav gandapas, Irina Khakamada. Topics: Customer, I find you everywhere! Successful sales in social networks. How to catch your target audience among millions of users of social networks? What, where, when is it more effective to publish? Analysis of benefits of FB, Instagram. The social networking company. The eternal dilemma: professional smm-Manager or “handle themselves”? How to make the account interesting? Features visual and semantic content. Secret apps for editing photos. Why be friends with bloggers? Communication with clients via personal messages. Scripts and algorithms sale. The secrets of effective copywriting. Promotions, contests, sweepstakes, polls, voting, live broadcasts and other tools to engage your audience. Session: June 5, Hall 2, 14:00 — 16:00 Rules and secrets of selling in social networks, the role of the sales personal brand, PR with zero budget, about the role of neuroscience in marketing. You will learn why a unique selling proposition is different from the unique emotional proposition. And as the consumer changes his behavior and choice in terms of the transfer of focus from social values to personal. Speakers: nick Bohenko — owner and General Director of Agency sales “SalesOnTheTop”. The red Bunkers — President of Group of companies “DZOTOV & PARTNERS” Sergey Sikirin — co-owner of the “School of business trainers Molokanova and Sikirina”. Light Sergeeva — marketer, strategist, and trendwatcher, a specialist in the area of the brain, specialist in management behavior, a behaviorist naroko. Sergey Babich Organizer Colisium International Music Forum. Promoter, producer, organizer of club gigs and Open Air festivals. Section: June 6, Hall 2 11:00 — 13:00 Ecosystem — concept, which is widely used in marketing for decades, the idea successfully moved from botany to business. We are talking about jointly developing dynamic communities, about the new structuring of the business of companies cooperating in the framework of a unified marketing strategies. It is the transformation and permanent internal changes are the essence of any ecosystem. On what basis is built the architecture of the ecosystem? Is there a mutual investment in different parts? How is the growth of an ecosystem? This will be discussed. Will be affected, and other topics. The preservation of independence versus partnership. Plans for the development of your ecosystem. The global forecast for the development of ecosystem models. International cooperation and relationship with the global ecosystem (Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple). Speakers: Sergey Babich — organizer Colisium International Music Forum Alexander Demyanov — the Director of Department of strategy of the company “Mobile TeleSystems” Denis Okhrymovych — Director of marketing, digital business (Digital Sberbank) Sberbank Yefim Yusupov, Director of the special projects division of Independent Media 2010-2015 year — head of youth music and information broadcasting RTR and the music of the night segment of the radio station “Mayak”. 2015-2017 — chief program Director of the Moscow radio station “Stolitsa FM”, “Vostok FM”, “Vesna FM”. In 2017, has dramatically changed the scope of activities, leading the creative Department of a media holding Independent Media, from April 2019 — Director of the special projects division of the company. Session: June 5, Hall 3 16:00 — 18:00 the Best is the one that is not like advertising. The best — written in the context, mimics editorial content takes into account the interests of the consumer, does not cause rejection. And most importantly works for you! Native advertising is not just a trend of modern marketing, and the desire of the media industry to fulfill the desires of advertisers and to maintain customer loyalty (“I got scammed and hold for a sucker!”). You will see that it is possible and in the figure, and on paper. The participants — representatives of publishing houses “Around the world” and Independent Media, an expert in the field of lawmaking in the field of advertising and marketing. What “good” is? What are the basic principles of native host? Which platforms and formats effective? Speakers: Svetlana Golovatyuk, — General Director ID “round the world” Sergey Apresov editor — in-chief of the magazine “Around the world” Anastasiia Poletaeva — the chief-the editor of the site Esquire.ru Yefim Yusupov — Director of the special projects division of Independent Media Dmitry Badalov, expert in law on advertising regulation, and Anton Bulanov — Director of corporate communications INVITRO

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