Member of the Board of Facebook and an adviser to the U.S. President Donald trump, Peter Thiel criticized the entrepreneur and inventor Elon musk called its negative character for young people. About it reported the edition “the”.

According to Thiel, the Mask is impossible to imitate, and it scares young people. They are not ready to face difficulties to reach the heights that failed to reach the Creator of Tesla and SpaceX.

As a more adequate model of the behavior of Peter Thiel called former Apple CEO Steve jobs. Board member, Facebook considers it the only truly great innovator.

Elon Musk currently continues to work on independent online network covering all over the world, including the most hard to reach places. Last week, the head of the company SpaceX sent via the new network the first message to your Twitter account.

Company entrepreneur and inventor plans to orbit a network of thousands of satellites 12.

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