Today it became known that in iOS 13 will be a new way to transfer data between mobile devices. In the code of the new Apple’s mobile operating system was found a hint of some system that will allow users to transfer data between iPhone or iPad directly via a cable.

Mention a new method of data transmission was found in the code menu the initial setup of the iPhone. In addition to the messages that should appear when connecting two devices via cable, the third beta version of iOS 13 it has also shown and the corresponding icon. It shows two iPhone connected by one cable.

Details about new features while virtually none. It is unknown whether Apple somehow limit the transfer of data over the wire. There is speculation that this option will only be available during the initial setup of the device.

In addition, we must note that at this point in the sale, in principle, there are no Lightning cables-Lightning. It is not excluded that in the autumn of cupertinos will start production of such cables.


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