As part of the September presentation Apple said about the new version of Filmic Pro video editor. One of the chips of this app is to record video simultaneously from multiple cameras. And, as it became known today, this possibility is not only the owners of iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

Immediately after the presentation, many have decided that to fully use the app Filmic Pro can only owners of the latest Apple smartphones. However, it is now known that multi-camera recording works on the new APIs in iOS 13 and is available this feature will be also on the iPhone Xs, XR and iPad Pro 2018.

At the same time on an old Apple corer will work with some limitations. In particular, Xs on an iPhone can shoot video at the same time with only two cameras. This is due to the fact that the entry rollers on all of your camera is a very computationally expensive process.

It is worth noting that the official release of the new version of Filmic Pro is scheduled for the end of this year. However, other apps support multi-camera recording can appear in the App Store much earlier. This became possible due to the fact that third-party developers also have access to the appropriate tools.


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