Apple is not in a hurry.

The manufacturers of smartphones the new trend is a complete rejection of the top of the display and placement of the front camera in a small hole right in the screen. Today the renowned Ice Universe insider reported that Apple has plans on implementing a similar solution, but expect it to be only in 2020. What is the reason for the delay is Apple is currently unknown.

According to well-known insider, in 2019 Apple will release a new iPhone with “monopoly” — cropped at the sides of the upper frame of the display. According to the latest leaks, it will be a little less, but overall will not be greatly different from the upper frame in iPhone X and iPhone XS.

Complete failure from the top of the display in the iPhone from Apple is planned only for 2020, said Ice Universe. Then Apple introduced the first iPhone with a hole in the screen. It is expected that Apple will come up with something special and not just repeat for other manufacturers. For the company it is simply necessary, as the repetition of the decisions of competitors would not give Apple the opportunity to highlight the new iPhone compared to other smartphones.

Earlier Ice Universe has already announced that Apple will release a iPhone with a hole in the display only in 2020. Now, according to his new message, this information has been confirmed.

Source: Twitter.


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