Revolution close.

South Korean company Samsung is actively preparing for the introduction of 5G. Her plans include a special edition smartphone with support for 5G networks. This is evidenced by a leak published by insider Ice Universe.

The first smartphone with the ability to work in networks of 5G will be released in March 2019. Among the important features is the ability to work at high temperature, to which “warming up” 5G-smartphone. As stressed by Ice Universe, this smartphone will not be the Galaxy S10, announcement of which should take place in February next year. The reluctance of Samsung to equip Galaxy S10 support 5G networks associated with a risk of unstable operation due to the novelty of the technology and the need to eliminate all the “roughness”.

It is important to note that the Samsung smartphone with support for 5G will be able to work in all regions of the world. The only country which held its commercial launch mobile networks with support for 5G, is Finland. Accordingly, the mass introduction of 5G technology would require a transition period, which can last for three to five years.

Source: Twitter


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