In iOS 12 Apple paid a lot of attention to the protection of their mobile devices from hacking. The developers cracker called GrayKey, shortly after the release of the first beta versions of new OSes stated that all of these methods will not affect the performance of their device. However, as it became known, Apple still found a way to block the work GrayKey.

According to Forbes, in iOS 12 cupertinos made a number of innovations that are literally doing the hacking device useless. According to available data, in hacking your iPhone or iPad, running the latest Apple mobile operating system, GrayKey can only access a very small amount of data. However, their usefulness tends to zero. Cracker allows you to view only the size of the file and folder structure. Access to no other information.

At the moment it is not known how Apple managed to achieve this effect. According to the head of ElcomSoft, cupertinos could use a variety of ways – from a number of improvements in the iOS kernel to severe restrictions in the configuration settings.

Recall that Apple started the fight with GrayKey in the first half of this year. Especially for this cupertinos iOS made changes that prevent hacking the iPhone and iPad via Lightning. For example, in iOS 11.3 cupertinos have added a special mechanism, the storage, when the device was unlocked the last time.


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