At the end of summer – beginning of September in the service centers significantly increases the number of calls associated with the ingress of water into the iPhone (holiday season leaves its mark). And even the presence of moisture protection standard IP67 is not a big difference. On the Apple website on this issue is very vague, but the main message is: if liquid does get inside, it’s no guarantee, of course, will not. But what to do if iPhone dropped in water?

If you still have an accident and your phone is exposed to water, in any case can not continue to use it. For starters, the iPhone should be switched off. You also cannot charge the device – in this case, you can cause irreparable damage to the entire smartphone. If the phone was dropped in salt water, it is better to rinse it in regular water as salt is a very good conductor of electricity, and as has been said, to repair such smartphones is extremely difficult. Even if you fell into water iPhone seventh generation and older, it is still better to contact the service center for diagnosis. Smartphones with protection standards of IP67 nothing is safe from water damage. There are cases when the phone starts to behave faulty, only a month after contact with liquid.

How water can harm iPhone X

In the service center ModMac we reported that the iPhone X after penetration of liquids in almost all cases, stops working the sensor Face ID. This is due to the fact that the camera module and the top plume dynamics “tied” to the CPU Board, which is responsible for the proper operation of the sensor. Under the number “1” you can find train auditory dynamics, and the number “2” is the front camera module.

Unfortunately, if liquid contact is almost always damaged one of these components, therefore, Face ID forever stops working. At authorized service centers do not repair the devices after contact with water: they offer to replace your iPhone for a new one for 45 000 rubles. Often this price is too exaggerated, and the real cost of replacing iPhone for a new one may reach 10 000, which is not so expensive for brand new the phone.

We strongly recommend going with the phone into the bathroom to do underwater shots, and especially to immerse it in sea or ocean, as the process restore the phone after hitting the water, especially salt water, is extremely difficult and often long, and the prices for repair may be equivalent to the cost of the new iPhone.

What is more profitable: to change your iPhone or repair?

It all depends on the model. X to fix iPhone after water it is not always possible, and exchange for a new one will cost about 10 000 rubles. The cost of repair models iPhone 6s and 6s Plus applying water starts from 990 rubles, the average price — usually in the region of 4,000 rubles, the exchange costs 8 000.

In the same amount it will cost to repair and exchange iPhone SE iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

To redeem the seventh and eighth generation of iPhone is 10 000 rubles. Repair iPhone 7 and 7 Plus costs 990 rubles (an average of around 5 000), iPhone 8 and 8 Plus — from 1490 rubles (average – 7,000 rubles). In most cases, exchange in a new smartphone is really beneficial.

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