The resource GizmoChina has published an interesting article, which reported about the iPhone and aftermarket battery charger. Unlike most of these stories accessory not lead to breakage of the gadget. This time after connecting aftermarket iPhone charger literally started to live my life.

According to reports, shortly after connecting to charge your iPhone independently began to switch between mobile Internet (2G/4G). But this is not surprising. Also iPhone opened the app Chip is popular in Asia service for travel – and began to place an order for a presidential Suite in one of the hotels of Shanghai.

The user noticed suspicious activity and canceled the service. In case if the order was issued, from the account of the iPhone owner would be charged more than 10,000 yuan (over 100 000).

According to reports, the iPhone is not passed the procedure of jailbreaking. Therefore, the user believes that the reason for the unusual behavior of the smartphone aftermarket is charging. At the moment the network is discussed two possible versions.

One of them is in the charging “cube” was a separate chip, which allowed the attackers to connect to the iPhone. According to another version – app Chip was discovered by accident. The reason for this was the inefficient mechanism of stabilization current in the charger and the so-called “phantom” click.


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