In recent years, the lawyers of the company Apple has repeatedly appealed to the courts, seeking bans on the use of slogans and logos, which, in the opinion of cupertinos too similar to their own.

As practice shows, Apple is ready to argue with virtually any organizations, the logos of which is a schematic depiction of fruit. In the past due claims Apple company to change its logo had British Pear Technologies. Piquancy of the situation added the fact that the logo of the British company was a picture of a pear. Not long ago, Apple’s lawyers filed suit against the Norwegian political party Fremskrittspartiet. On the last logo was a depiction of “the whole” red Apple with green leaf.

Now Cupertino did not like the logo of new bike trails in Germany under the name Apfelroute, which should open on may 19 in the region of Rhine-Voreifel. Lawyers the Apple company made a demand to cease use of the logo. In the organization, which is responsible for the bike path and noted that the logo change would cost them too much.


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