Apparently, before every New year, always. People’s covers of “space panic”. People began not only in different horoscopes to believe, but different apocalyptic scenarios. And now the Internet has raised another wave of tragic expectations in connection with “the approach of planet X with an extremely elongated orbit”.

This time ufologists “appointed” end of the world on December 16, 2018, in the interval between 18:15 and 18:37 Moscow time. Trouble will bring the mysterious planet Nibiru, which is larger than the Earth four times, according to an international group of ufologists. This planet supposedly has a highly elongated trajectory through the Solar system, and therefore reaches the Earth’s vicinity only once in 3.6 thousand years, flying between Mars and Jupiter. And this time, I believe the researchers of anomalous phenomena, “planet death” will explode near the Sun, a powerful detonation will destroy our planet and all life on Earth. There is a version that’s not a planet, but a huge ship of aliens who seek to destroy our Land.

Anunnaki: gods or aliens?

Researcher of anomalous phenomena and a supporter of the theory paleocontacts volgogradets Aliskhan the Houten does not believe in the existence of Nibiru, however, the myths and legends of the Sumerians, on this planet, considers it very curious:

— The Sumerians believed Nibiru is an artificial planet, told Aliskhan the Houten. — In fact, it is a huge spaceship that houses the population of an entire planet. Something like the Death Star from “Star wars”. According to Sumerian cuneiform clay tablets, Nibiru 3600 years ago came to Earth Anunnaki. These Anunnaki, which the Sumerians called the gods of the Sumerians were enslaved and forced to mine for gold and then platinum. Why they needed these precious metals in large quantities? I think they and the earthlings will soon need to spray them in the upper layers of the atmosphere and thus make the layer reflecting the excessive amount of sunlight. Such a “mirror finish” you need to save the Earth from catastrophic global warming. Perhaps the Anunnaki gold and platinum were needed for technical purposes. However, the Sumerians believed the Anunnaki are not brutal conquerors. Anunnaki generously shared with enslaved natives useful for the development of civilization, inventions and scientific information. The word “Anunnaki” in Sumerian means “included in the horizon.” Personally, I think aliens created the world several ancient civilizations: Egyptian, Sumerian, Indian, if it will arrive, not to all there is to demolish, and with the revision: “well, what are you ripens?”. And if you find that mankind has created nuclear weapons, is clearly not going to be happy.

Astronomical knowledge of the Sumerians, written on clay tablets, also striking: they, long before Copernicus, knew that the planets revolve around the sun and not Vice versa. From the Sumerian calendar we have inherited the division of the hour into 60 minutes and minutes into 60 seconds. According to the Sumerian tablets people have created who arrived on Nibiru Anunnaki gods: to help myself for the extraction of minerals from the planet. Supposedly God named Enlil took the ovum of a monkey and mixed it, “what connects the memory” (DNA?), extracted from purified in a special way the blood of anunaki. Prepared the egg was placed in the “donor” — the goddess Ninti, “giver of life”. About her says she constantly washed her hands — i.e., kept clean during the experiment. After cesarean section was born the first man, and then from the tissues of the first man on Earth according to Sumerian mythology, was cloned first woman to the human race could continue to reproduce without the help of the gods.

“Nibiru calculated mathematically”

UFO researcher, bibliographer, head of the Volga branch of the all-Russian movement “Kosmopoisk” Valery Moskalev, by contrast, believes in the existence of the planet Nibiru.

— Nibiru scientists have calculated mathematically, he says. Beyond Pluto, in the Oort cloud, which is the border of the Solar system a planet four times the Earth in mass and size. Scientists called it planet X. And they think she can make a dissonance in the current gravitational balance in our Solar system. This is the very planet of Nibiru, of which mention ancient cuneiform texts. I read that this planet was discovered by NASA in 1982. It is located at a distance of 14 billion kilometres from the Sun. And rotates at very elongated orbit. Approaching our sun once in 3,600 years.

“This world does not exist”

The Director of the Observatory of the Volgograd planetarium Egor China believes that Sumerian mythology and cosmogony must not be a reason to panic, and made a lot of noise earlier Mayan calendar.

This is the second wave “for the imminent arrival of the planet Nibiru” in my memory, — said Yegor Chinas. The first wave predicted the arrival of “planet of misfortune” Nibiru December 22, 2012. Then would come the end of the world. Especially hard was saying about it such TV channels as REN-TV and TV-3. But this is not the first and not the last end of the world, predicted to mankind. And now someone has decided to disband the rumors. The existence of the planet Nibiru “behind the Sun” — is absurd and obscurantism. The solar system is flying now a huge number of research vehicles NASA and Roscosmos, lots of sensitive telescopes observing the events in the Universe. And if such planet as Nibiru really existed, it would have been noticed outside the Solar system. But facts are stubborn things: Nibiru simply do not, and never was. However, if the readers so you want to be afraid, we can say that without Nibiru dangers for planet Earth in space enough. At the moment the biggest threat to our planet cosmic visitor named Apophis asteroid that will fly close to Earth in 2031. But the probability of collision with the Earth from Apophis is less than half a percent.

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