OpenAI non-profit organization that works in the field of artificial intelligence, was able to defeat a team of former professional Dota 2 with bots.

Agents OpenAI last year won the professional Dota 2 in mode 1 by 1, and the next logical step was to team conflict.

Bots still don’t play Dota full 2, working with a number of limitations — they operate only 18 characters (full kit includes more than a hundred) and use immortal couriers. Despite the change in rules, the performance impressed the audience and participants of the exhibition match.

From the people in the match played three former professional players (Merlini, Blitz, Fogged), one active participant in the PRO-scene (MoonMeander) and one commentator (Capitalist). Each “live” party boasts a deep understanding of Dota 2 and thousands of hours of gaming experience.

That’s how Capitalist commented on the impressions received during the show-match:

In my life felt so useless, but at least we have fun, so we are the winners in spirit.

We are definitely not winners in the game.

Five OpenAI won the first game, not allowing the opponents to destroy a single building. In the second game people were able to destroy one of the nine defensive towers, but the result was equally lamentable.

People won from the bots only the final third of the match.

One of the most important skills in Dota 2, like any other eSports titles, is the ability to almost instantly make a decision. Even at the highest level it happens that the players fluctuate and often change tactics on the go. In the case of AI, decisions are made lightning fast and executed perfectly accurate.

From 20 to 25 August, the publisher of Dota 2, Valve will hold the main event of the year in The International with a prize Fund of more than $ 20 million. OpenAI team intends to train bots to challenge the winners of the TI and try to prove that the AI plays better than even the strongest team in the world.


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