Despite the efforts of competitors, Apple remains the market leader in fully-wireless headphones, and in the near future the situation hardly will change. This is reported by analysts Counterpoint.

According to experts, at the end of last year cupertinos controlled 47% of the market of wireless headphones. The analysts did not take into account the proportion of brand Beats. The staff of Counterpoint noted that last year during the year it sold about 130 million are wireless headphones. The share of Apple accounted for more than 60 million. The remaining 70 million were divided between other manufacturers.

The second largest player in the market of wireless headphones is the Xiaomi company. While Samsung is lagging behind the Chinese giant quite a bit. Also on the list of largest players QCY, Jabra, JBL, Beats, Jlab, Amoi and Skullcandy.

According to analysts, in the current year, the market of wireless headphones will continue to grow. Against the backdrop of high demand, the cupertinos will be able to realize more than 100 million AirPods. However, the main competitors must also increase their sales.


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