It’s not even luxury, and some ultra-premium world of accessories — headphones Apple AirPods Pro, whose body is made of solid gold 750. No special technical characteristics that wealth is not. Just made the gadget in a single instance, and the weight will be heavier than usual. How well it will stay in your ears — is not clear.

On the website of the manufacturer, the company with a telling name Cavier, says that the headphones cost of 4.32 million roubles has been sold. All latecomers are encouraged to choose something simpler. For example, a headset with a charging case made of genuine leather, Python or alligator, worth up to 100 thousand rubles. Or go to other tabs — there are, among others, have iPhone 11 Pro for 8 million rubles, or watch Discovery Meteorite for 4 million rubles. What about them? Tells blogger Wylsacom Valentin Petukhov, who did reviews of some models.

Valentin Petukhov, blogger, founder of the YouTube channel Size “we are Talking about the usual iPhone of any version that is modified from the point of view of the exterior, added some expensive materials, exclusive things. Now there is a lineup, which includes personal belongings of famous people: part of turtleneck of Steve jobs under Apple, things Beatles, and it’s a very strange version of, say, modding your device, but some like it — this piece goods, and a buyer he finds. Well, done the device is also nice, collect them in Russia, it is manual labor, therefore, piece goods, and people do something interesting and cause a violent reaction whether AirPods for 4 million rubles of gold or a smartphone with a piece of “Titanic.” So it’s fun.”

In 10 years of existence, the company offered not only iPhone with pieces of equipment Muhammad Ali sewn into the case, but released a line of phones with the image of famous personalities. Particularly popular, for example, convex image of Vladimir Putin in profile, on the back of the phone. In 2014, this smartphone cost 147 thousand rubles. The circulation of precious gadgets Supremo Putin were sold out in two days. The number of customers, says the company, many well-known artists and athletes. Steven Seagal, Roy Jones, Alexander Ovechkin, Mikhail Boyarsky. MPs are not seen, except for Nikolay Valuev. However, such a business cannot rely solely on premium clients, said Deputy General Director of the company CrosDigital Ksenia Kasyanova.

Ksenia Kasyanova Deputy General Director of the company CrosDigital “Company that produces gold earphones that cost more than 4 million roubles of Russian origin, works for a Russian not even the premium segment, but rather, moderate, moderate-plus level of consumption. Because if we look at what is presented in their store, on average, this customized model, premium products, Apple, Samsung, all that is connected with cellular communication. Their cost is not always higher than even 200 thousand rubles. Gold AirPods, which are released in a single copy and have such astronomical cost is, of course, most of the attention in the premium segment, and to a lesser extent than the expectation of such sales. Always such things are done more as communication investments, rather than a story about actual earnings”.

Previously, Business FM reported that the Moscow Central Department store offers a pile of crocodile from the brand Zilli for 182 thousand rubles. In one bottle, and the element of provocation, and religious overtones, and the high cost for such a simple accessory. But all this pales in the case of the gold iPhone, and a watch, and headphones. The question is, who will “Shine” all this magnificence. As recognized by interviewees, such “toys” to walk on people they would not dare.

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