AirPods headphones have become one of the most popular gifts for Christmas. The hype around the headphones was so that in some stores the headset just ended. The popularity of AirPods turned into a meme — it was the same with the iPhone, which I bought not even a very rich citizens, and then ate the soup line. As a Christmas gift took the Network in the “360”.

It is noteworthy that the AirPods out in 2016, that is, are quite old, but Apple is able to attract customers even to his “fossil” technologies. Many fans of the brand still see the headset new item.

AirPods were the reason for the bullying since the beginning of the output: people were laughing that the headset looked like “cigarette butts in their ears.” On the eve of Christmas, many people asked loved ones exactly AirPods to put under the Christmas tree. 25 December, when Western countries marked the date, fans made happy with this gift.

Whether from envy, or from the awareness of the ambiguity of AirPods, Twitter users talked about them in a sarcastic manner: that headset somehow raises the status of man to a higher level — in the spirit of “I have AirPods, I’m in charge now”.

“Top 10 richest people in the world:

1. The Owners Of AirPods;

2. People who say “let’s take this bread”;

3. People with Emoji money in the description of the account;

4. The CEO of Amazon or something”.

“If you have AirPods and the Home button, do you think I bought the rims on the [car] Honda 1997 [.]”

“When people donated at Christmas AirPods meet each other on the street”

“I hope haters will get AirPods headphones for Christmas. Then they finally stop talking shit and join the wealthiest community on the planet”

“My nephew gave AirPods for Christmas. Now he’s surrounding me with the words: “I can’t hear you because you are poor””

“When someone tries to talk to me after I got AirPods for Christmas “I do not say with the poor, nigga”

“She bought me AirPods for Christmas. And the second when the headphones touched my ear I wallowed in the infinite knowledge of the universe and truth. Now I’m not saying poor, bitch, watch what you say”

“Me: *walk into bar*

Guard: “Your papers”

Me: *put on your AirPods*

Guard: [thinks I’m a celebrity] “Come in, sir””

“I brag about at school after he got AirPods and Hydro Flask”

Hydro Flask is a vacuum flask, which is fabulous for such a product of money.

“Every child, everyone got AirPods for Christmas, comes to class before the spring semester with the words: “I smell poverty””

“Guys, you really hope to AirPods, having a Christmas tree?”

All the tweets imply that people buy AirPods in order to boast of. Before making fun of people with Beats headphones — they supposedly did not have enough money for AirPods. Only here the most part of the line Beats is more expensive than Apple’s headset. In addition, Beats is a subsidiary of Apple.

People only had to show that they own the headset to the post gained thousands of likes, despite the fact that the text of the tweet didn’t even used the word AirPods. For example, here: 7.5 thousand 1,1 thousand of likes and retweets (image with AirPods will appear if you open the picture).

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