IFixit experts did not change the traditions and after just a few days after the official announcement AirPods Pro they dismantled new. As usual, the experts do not just look at the body of the new Apple devices, but have evaluated the maintainability of the gadget.

In the process the complex disassembly of the experts found that in the Pro version uses AirPods battery round shape. Similar components found in the Samsung Galaxy Buds, whereas in the first and second generation AirPods used batteries of an elongated shape. To replace the battery in AirPods Pro not. In the event of failure of this component users will have to pass the headphones to the service center of Apple.

When you create AirPods Pro cupertinos do a little thinking about maintainability of their new wireless headphones. In the end, all components AirPods Pro located as close to each other. Moreover, all components are fixed with the help of a large amount of glue. This applies both to the actual headphones and the case.

So, to repair the AirPods Pro is just unreasonable. Experts iFixit put the new Apple headphones 0 out of 10 on its scale of repairability.


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