The production of AirPods wireless headphones second-generation no effect on the share Apple in the market of such devices. This may mean that people are reluctant to buy a new product.

Now the share of the company in the market of wireless headphones is more than 50%. Apple everything seems to be expected after the start of sales AirPods 2 position will only become stronger. However, the report of the analysts from Counterpoint Research showed that in the first quarter of 2019, the company’s share remained the same as in the last quarter of 2018. Sales of the second generation AirPods were worse than expected. However, the result could be affected by the fact that Apple introduced a new product on March 20, nearly the end of the quarter.

But the AirPods sales of the first generation were slightly higher than analysts had expected. Maybe people decided not to spend money on new headphones that do not have significant differences from the old.

Recall that AirPods 2 working on the new processor Apple H1, which improves the quality of playback, speeds connection devices extends the work in the talk mode, and also supports voice control without having to tap on the housing.

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