Today, the network appeared rumors concerning the release date of the long awaited wireless charging AirPower. The sources named the approximate cost of this device.

In a nutshell, there is nothing new to learn failed. According to the Chinese shop Chongdiantou, branded wireless charging from Apple will be on sale along with the new Apple smartphones. It will happen, most likely, in second half of September.

As for the cost, according to data released by the China shop, purchase AirPower will be for 1,000 yuan, or about $ 145. Recall that this number called and other online sources.

Users waiting for the start of sales of AirPower for almost a year. For the first time Apple has revealed its branded wireless charging station that can charge multiple gadgets, in the last year. However, while the device never went on sale. Informed sources reported that the delay is due to technical problems. In particular, engineers failed to cope with a strong overheating of the station, causing the device never went on sale.


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