If AirPods suddenly became too quiet to play, not necessarily that it was time to change headphones. Still sound, you can recover at home.

From personal experience

In our house AirPods appeared at the end of last year. Since husband uses them very actively, almost without lifting. Do not be surprised if one day he will fall asleep and sleep all night.

In the summer the sound in the headphones began to “sit down”. Conversations could be heard all quieter, and the bass performance was getting worse.

We decided that the resource of the device is exhausted, and will have to buy a new one. And even managed to be disappointed as every six months to change headphones? Why then again take AirPods?

The husband was about to go to the service center, but found instructions to reset the audio on the support website of Apple. There is mentioned only the brush with soft bristles. We decided to modify the recipe, gathered all the necessary for cleaning the artifacts and made a home experiment.

All that is at hand

And so, we need:

  • alcohol;
  • q-tip or cotton pad and match;
  • a needle or toothpick;
  • a brush with soft bristles;
  • automotive pump, the compressor or any other device that is able to produce a strong directed flow of air.

Moistened cotton swab or the like in alcohol, you need to carefully wipe the mesh in both headphones, even if no visible contamination. And then is to gently clean the mesh using a needle or toothpick. It is enough to gently skim the surface. The remaining plaque can be removed with a brush with soft bristles.

At this stage the headphones will sound better. You can stay, but better to take a pump, compressor or other device and blow through the mesh of a powerful directed stream of air.

We used normal Bicycle pump.

Purged five or six times. The sound became much better volume of talk has returned almost to the initial level, and the bass finally sounded decent.

However, the foot pump a strong current of air is difficult to establish. So in the near future we are planning to visit the tire store, electronics store or research laboratory at the University. These institutions are our friends, and they definitely have good compressors — store employees blow speakers own smart phones, and the comrades of physics are always ready to experiment. The tire will leave in the extreme case, as too obvious option.

It is not known whether such cleaning to the warranty of Apple. But in our case, for any free repair count was difficult — in the case of the headset is already damage — the marks of canine teeth.


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