“AlfaStrakhovanie-Life” has introduced two revenue strategies that will allow customers to save the investment even under the most adverse circumstances in the stock markets.

The first strategy is “Trade and communication” speaks for itself. The client invests in the production of (Adidas and Nestle) and communications (Deutsche Telekom, and Salesforce.com). At the junction of two sectors — the Corporation Apple.

As reported by “Uralinformbjuro” the press service of the Company, within the five-year program, the client may receive up to ten dollar coupon payment in the amount of 3% of the amount of the contribution.

The first of the ten coupons to customers who have purchased the coupon product with the expiration date (the performance of the obligations of counterparties to derivatives contracts — approx.ed.) On 11 July, was saved. While the shares of only one of the five companies (Salesforce.com) dropped by this date (by 2.59%). Saving coupon means that involved memory effect. He will work next expiration date, if the shares of the “five” to meet the targets. Then the client will receive two coupon.

In this protected part of the investment program is 100% of the amount of the contribution.

“Key industries” — strategy is based on five reliable blue chip stocks: JPMorgan, Google, Boeing, Royal Dutch Shell and Samsung. The first ruble-denominated coupon payments at 6% of the total contribution provided within six months after the start of the program (in the case of achieving all of the shares of targets).

The product is designed for five years, during which the customer may receive ten of such payments or to collect income at the end of the program.

Those who have purchased the coupon product with the first date of expiry 27 June, the coupon was credited. Rose all shares of the strategy. The maximum growth was demonstrated by the shares of Samsung (16.1%).

The coupon was also accrued to those who joined the strategy with the first date of expiry 5 June, shares have demonstrated steady growth (of 5.39% from the Alphabet to of 16.95% for JPMorgan).

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