As reported by “Vedomosti”, the virtual assistant “Alice” soon to speak in the languages of the CIS countries.

First and foremost, “Alice” add languages for countries in which a large audience of “Yandex”: Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. It is noteworthy that in Ukraine from may 2016, the majority of services of “Yandex” blocked.

If the rumors about the multi-language “Alice” is correct, then the assistant talks on the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Kazakh languages in the next year.

The official representative of “Yandex” Matthew Kireev has not confirmed nor denied the plans related to the support of new languages. According to him, the company has concentrated on improving the “Alice” in the primary language.

Vedomosti asked how difficult it would be to train a virtual assistant a new language. The publication turned to ABBYY, whose representatives noted that this process may take from one month to six months.

Voice assistant “Alice” has officially opened in October 2017. Now it is available on Android and iOS using applications from “Yandex”, and on Windows via “Yandex.The browser”. “Alice” helps to search the Internet, search for songs, control the browser and perform other operations with the service “Yandex”.


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