Company IRL Labs have introduced glasses, which are embedded in the horizontally polarized filters that allow you to “switch off” to digital advertising to its user, according to the publication vc with the link to the page of the project on Kikstarter.

While we are talking about vertically polarized light of the LCD monitors through the glass appear black. Also this effect applies to televisions and computer screens. Blocking of light from OLED screens of smartphones are not yet available.

Points the developers said they were inspired by the movie “Aliens among us”, which is similar alien device allowed to see the aliens among the people and also revealed the true meaning of advertising slogans.

The company has sent points to the buyers, and already appeared the first reviews on the device. As reported by one user in his review, the glasses block the screens only by 50-80%. He felt the gadget on the screens of the Macbook, TVs and Nintendo Switch.

Recently it became known that Apple is preparing to release its virtual reality glasses, but while the exact release date is not known.

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