Buy iPhone 6s became more profitable.

By the beginning of 2019 iPhone 6s have disappeared from the market in many major Russian stores. However, to get official and designed for the Russian market iPhone 6s (PCT) is still possible, and at a reduced price. On the trading platform AliExpress Tmall was reduced price iPhone 6s 32 GB of internal memory. And it is noteworthy that for the purchase of iPhone 6s available in all possible colors.

iPhone 6s even in 2019 remains an excellent smartphone to buy. The performance of the iPhone 6s running iOS 12 is really high, but the smartphone will receive support for new versions of iOS at least another 2-3 years. the iPhone 6s will be updated to iOS 13 and 14, and iOS will get new features that Apple will develop for users of their smartphones.

Buy iPhone 6s temporarily became more profitable on the site AliExpress Tmall. Price iPhone 6s 32 GB of memory fell to the lowest in the Russian market. To buy iPhone 6s can for 25 399 rubles. Of course, this is formally intended for the Russian version of Russian smartphone with a full warranty.

New discount on the iPhone 6s is temporary, however, for Tmall this model is regularly falling in price.


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