A new Deposit with increased interest rate.

1 December 2018 Sberbank officially closed temporary pronouced “Record” on which the Bank’s clients can invest the money at the increased rate. However, just in the same day, “Sberbank” has launched a new contribution rate which is high compared to ordinary deposits. A new contribution called “Without a passport” and it is available to all customers of the Bank.

Contribution “Without a passport” is seasonal — it will close on 31 January 2019. New contribution “Sberbank” provides customers with the opportunity to gain up to 7% per annum, provided the Deposit is for 12 months. You can invest any sum from 50 thousand rubles to 5 million rubles.

A nice feature of the new proposal of “Sberbank” is the ability to open a contribution to the service “Sberbank Online”. For opening of the contribution will not have to go to the Bank to make money going to be a very simple way.

The minimum rate on the Deposit “Without a passport” is 6.5%. This rate is available to clients who invest for a period of 5 months, regardless of the amount.

Previously, experts predicted that the new contribution from the “savings” will not keep you waiting. And so it happened — “Sberbank” opened a new Deposit immediately after the close of the previous pronouced “Record”.

Source: Sberbank.


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