Face ID can’t crack even with a 3D model of the user’s head.

Experts Forbes have conducted advanced testing of face recognition system in modern smartphones. It was found experimentally that the scanner face, which cannot be deceived, is the Face ID in iPhone X and newer Apple smartphones.

To determine the degree of security scanners faces were printed on a 3D printer head model one of the employees. Then all participating in the experiment, the smartphones tried to unlock via the created 3D model. In Forbes noted that the creation of a 3D model left relatively little money — less than $400.

Participated in the testing of iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note8, OnePlus 6 and G7 LG ThinQ. The definition of a person in all Android smartphones was immediately “duped” 3D model of the wearer’s head. The scanners are recognized and provided full access to the smartphone.

Scanner Face ID in iPhone X was suspicious and did not remove the lock from your smartphone. The reason is that the Face ID uses special infrared scanners, thanks to which the user’s face is remembered, given the depth. This allowed the Face ID to determine what to remove the lock from your smartphone tries not a real user.

Source: Forbes.


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