I wonder how that could happen.

New iPhone sample 2018 dare to go out late. Company TSMC, which manufactures processors for smartphones Apple officially announced the defeat of the working computers with a virus. Because of this, TSMC had to limit the production of chips for the iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and 11 Plus iPhone.

In TSMC, said that the virus got into the computer network of the company with the stick when you update the software. Initially, the virus has infected only one computer, however, immediately notice it failed. The computer was connected to the network, causing the virus was transferred to other machines, including those participating in the production process.

Gigabyte said that the outbreak of the virus occurred on Friday, August 3. Already by Sunday, the company was able to recover 80% of the computers affected by the virus. Full restoration of production is expected today, August 6.

Apple has not commented on the situation. In TSMC openly said that revenue in the third quarter may decline by 3% due to the incident. Thus, TSMC has indirectly confirmed that the failure affected the production of processors for next-generation iPhone.

The presentation of the iPhone 9, iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Plus to be held September 12, and the sales will start in the second half of September. It is not excluded that Apple will have to move the launch date of new iPhone on sale, or face a deficit at the news.

Source: voanews.


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