It just so happened that in September the children go to school, and Apple will present the iPhone. While the students Packed in the satchel of notebooks and pencil cases, we know what smartphones this year will give the team Tim cook.

If you believe Bloomberg, Apple will soon increase due to the increase in the average price of a smartphone, not sales. This means that the iPhone X will be the latest model not more than 100 000 rubles.

The design of the iPhone 2018

Most analysts agree that Apple will release 3 models of iPhone this year. One of them will get a 5.8-inch OLED display without frames, Face ID, metal edges and a dual camera with a vertical position. That is, the design of this phone will repeat last year’s iPhone X.

The second phone will receive a 6.5-inch OLED display and a similar design. If the rumors are true, this will be the smartphone with the largest screen ever produced by Apple. This phone can be called iPhone X Plus, but Apple is likely to pick up a new unique name.

The third model iPhone will get a 6.1-inch LCD display without frames, Face ID, and aluminum case. Due to more materials available, this smartphone will be cheaper counterparts.

Most likely, iPhone with LCD-display will receive only one camera, and it can be considered the successor to the iPhone 8.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the “cheap” iPhone will go on sale with the largest selection of body colors, among which black, white, blue, red and orange. Smartphones with OLED display will be available in gold, black and silver colors.

Alleged new iPhone

To predict is damn hard. We only list titles that Apple is likely NOT going to use:

• iPhone XI (“eleven”)
• iPhone XI Plus;
• iPhone XI S;
• iPhone XS;
• iPhone 9;

Which new iPhone will get a Face ID

All new iPhone will get a Face ID (if you missed the text above). Apple has completely parted with the Home button and Touch ID in the iPhone.

Perhaps in the new phones will appear TrueDepth camera of new generation, which can precisely and quickly determine the identity of the person in the face.

What’s interesting inside the new iPhone

According to rumors, 2018, iPhone will earn on the chip, the A12 is made for 7-nm process. This new generation of processors that will appear in other smartphones in the next year. According to the results of tests of published Geekbench, the A12 is much more productive than 10-nanometer A11, which are used in iPhone X and iPhone 8. It is also assumed that optimized processors will consume less power and allow the phone to work longer without recharging.

IPhone OLED display will get 4 GB of RAM. “Budget” model with LCD will have to settle for 3 GB as the iPhone X.

3D Touch

There is a possibility that Apple will refuse to Touch 3D LCD iPhone model. It is unclear, affect whether the innovation of more expensive smartphones.


Some analysts have put forward a bold assumption that the new iPhone will appear in the USB connector. But do not hope that Apple just refuses to revenues through licensing of manufacturers of Lightning adapters.


Probably the most expensive device with an OLED display on the 6.5 inch will cost about $ 1,000. According to Kuo, the new OLED display to 5.8 inches will have to pay 800 to 900 dollars, and for the third smartphone with LCD — usual $ 600-700.

The average price of iPhone purchased in the second quarter of this year amounted to 724 USD. We can safely assume that next year this figure will greatly increase.


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