In the Chinese social network Weibo were published pictures, which allegedly shows models of the future smartphone Apple, used to create the covers. At the moment, official information about the line of smartphones that Apple is preparing to introduce this autumn, no: it is assumed, however, that “Apple” the company will introduce three smartphones, including the iPhone and iPhone XI XI Max with triple cameras and iPhone updated XR with dual camera.

If you believe the photos of the layouts, iPhone XI and Max XI will not be much different from last year’s iPhone XS and XS Max. However, the eye catches unusual configuration of the rear cameras: for example, they are located in a square “cutout” located in the form of a triangle.

As already mentioned, at the moment, Apple has not reported data on future iPhone and while any information is nothing more than a rumor. What will be the new products will be known as the presentation, which will probably be held, as in previous cases, in the autumn.

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