The “city of the future” Larry page on Toronto’s waterfront has all the chances of success.

Sidewalk Labs LLC, an innovative urban development division of the company Alphabet, is considering construction of buildings in the high-tech Park Toronto area of 4.9 hectares. The Park itself is fully equipped with an innovative wood, which, according to employees, is as durable and fireproof as steel or concrete.

“When construction is completed, the Quayside, which will include about 3,000 apartments, will be the largest development built using the technology of “high wood,” said Karim Khalifa, Director of construction innovation in the Sidewalk Labs.

The use of technologies that help solve the problems of the cities are of particular interest to the co-founder of Google Larry page, that uses the draft in Toronto as a sample.

“This is a very bold concept – to build a number of buildings with 3 million square feet of wood simultaneously,” said Khalifa in an interview with Bloomberg.

Sidewalk Labs also agreed with the developers, including Mattamy Homes, on cooperation in the field of creation of high-tech lumber that will reduce the use of hydrocarbons. Unlike traditional building materials, this technology will make the construction more stable, faster to build and cheap.

The developer must overcome several obstacles to implement this project with high lumber into reality. Including the fact, that currently laws Toronto allow to erect buildings with a maximum height of six floors.

The project will take 325 hectares on the Eastern shoreline of Toronto – one of the largest undeveloped urban areas in the continent.

Sidewalk Toronto has allocated $ 50 million for planning the project and expects to receive by January a clearer picture.


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