For the first half of 2019 holding Alphabet, which includes Google, has been able to accumulate more than $ 117 billion cash reserve. At the moment Google is the richest company in the world. Apple down to second place. Stocks Apple company now amount to 102 billion dollars.

According to experts of the resource Financial Times, a large cash cushion can create a Google specific problem. In particular, to demonstrate their “wealth” could potentially increase pressure from shareholders, and to attract the attention of regulators.

It is worth noting that Apple has long held the title of leader in terms of reserve cash. However, a few years ago cupertinos revised their approach. Starting in 2017, Apple reserves fell by $ 61 billion. To do this, the cupertinos are actively using tax reforms the United States to return to the country of foreign reserves and to pay their investors.

As for the Alphabet, its financial reserves are gradually growing. From 2017, they increased by $ 20 billion. At this the company strives to invest the reserve assets in the estate. The company is actively buying up land for the construction of offices and data centers.


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