Logitech Crayon soon will be available in stores, although only residents of the United States.

Apple Pencil is considered an essential attribute of creative people using iPad. Using the stylus on the tablet is very convenient to edit and create documents, design drawings, and in particular, to draw. This is achieved through the “stuffing” of the pen which can detect the angle and 2048 degrees of depression. The form factor of the stylus resembles a pencil and it is as familiar and comfortable in the hand.

Initially Pencil only worked with the iPad Pro, but at the end of March, the world saw cheap iPad 2018, which also included support smart pen. And if on the older iPad models have a price tag of $ 99 for the tool for the artist does not seem like much, the new budget model of the tablet costs only three times as expensive stylus. The situation was complicated by the fact that alternatives to Pencil on the market.

In this regard, Apple has allowed Logitech to release Crayon – accessory created using the technology of the Apple Pencil, but not without nuances. Buy Logitech Crayon could only training institution in the free market “pen” is not received.

And now, after more than six months since the release, residents of States can purchase a replacement Pencil for $ 70 without any restrictions. From disadvantage is the lack of recognition of the force pressing the screen, however, looks bright Crayon, weighs only 20 grams and offers 7 hours of battery life on a single charge. And if you are an artist, student or office worker looking for budget assistant job or hobby, the kit 2018 iPad + Logitech Crayon perfectly cope with this task.


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