The Chinese company Xiaomi is really actively working on its own flexible smartphone, is now officially known. Today, Xiaomi President Bin Lin has posted a video which shows a unique flexible smartphone Xiaomi, folding in two places at once.

The video presented a prototype of the smartphone that Xiaomi plans to call Mi or Mi Dual Flex MIX Flex. Camera the size of a small tablet has a flexible display with the ability to fold in two places. In the video, the President of Xiaomi has demonstrated how the smartphone is folded three times — the process looks impressive!

When folded on a flexible smartphone Xiaomi instantly changes the interface for ease of use of the device in smartphone mode. Change the interface occurs without any delay. Demonstration of Bina showed that after folding of a smartphone, they can immediately use.

The President of Xiaomi said that the use of a foldable smartphone, even when we are talking about the prototype, nice, comfortable and unusual. The development of the Chinese company has estimated and on the Internet. An unusual smartphone, which looks almost complete device, like the majority of users.

Does Xiaomi to release Mi or Mi Dual Flex MIX Flex in the near future, currently unknown. However, given such direct hints from company executives, unique flexible smartphone Xiaomi should expect.

Source: Twitter.


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