There was a time when gadgets such as virtual reality, watches that monitor your health, and videophones seemed far-fetched dreams science fiction writer. Today it is all banal and accessible to almost everyone.

Technology has made immeasurable strides over the past 100 years, but there are a lot of crazy ideas which today seem too futuristic.

We have collected some of the best examples of future technological developments that are close to becoming a very real part of our everyday life.
Hyperspeed travel

For at least five years, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, talks about his vision for super-fast passenger transport system called Hyper-loop, and now it is close to becoming a reality. This technology will connect major cities with large vacuum tubes, where trains will travel at a speed of about 1 100 km/h, which is significantly higher than the flight speed of the aircraft. Musk received permission to work on the Hyper-loop that would link Washington with new York that will cut the 3.5-hour train ride today up to 30 minutes in the future. But the first Hyper loop is in India, where Virgin Hyperloop One is built in 2018.
Flying Taxi

It sounds pretty far-fetched, but the service flying taxi closer to reality than most of the other innovations on this list. Uber has already launched a company called Uber Air and plans in 2023 to expand the network of air taxi division of travel — for example, helicopter and car. The company has already designed and built scale models of their own flying taxi with Bell Helicopter, and begin testing in 2020.
Implants memory

Of all the technologies in this list, they seem to be most unrealistic, but this does not mean that they are not developed. In 2017, the chief Executive of Apple, which stood for Siri, said that “it is inevitable”, and that the implant will be used to improve our memories in the near future.

Elon Musk Finance company Neuralink working on technologies that can allow us to upload and download thoughts, so we never lost them.
Virtual changing rooms

One of the most irritating things about shopping is the need to remove clothing every time you want to try something new. Smartphone apps and virtual dressing rooms will help you leave this in the past. Products such as Swivel Selfie, a virtual-reality app, allowing users to view, will look like different outfits on their body that is already available. The database, which will allow you to see how you look in all clothes available in the store will probably appear in the near future.
Space hotels

It sounds crazy, but a tourist trip into space on some nights very close to reality. Technical a company called Orion Span has developed a space hotel called Aurora Station, which will be ready for guests in 2022. The space station will be able to take six people, including two crew members, for a 12-day stay in space. The price tag for the stay? About $ 10 million.
Easy tattoo removal

Ask anyone who got a tattoo, which she regrets, and he will tell you that its removal is an expensive pain. But what if you could just put the cream on the tattoo, which would remove the ink? A company called Cipher Pharmaceuticals recently acquired the rights to the topical cream developed by researchers in Canada. It is necessary to conduct additional tests before they become available to consumers, but they say that the cream makes the process affordable and painless.
Smart tattoo

Another achievement in the field of body art that can appear in the near future, is a tattoo that can monitor your body in terms of health. Researchers from Harvard and mit have teamed up to design tattoos with biosensors in ink. These futuristic ink able to change color depending on what is happening in the human body, for example, fluctuations in the level of glucose in the blood of a diabetic or dehydration.
X-Ray vision

The idea that people can see through walls, quite frightening, but the technology is years, to allow American soldiers to do just that. The system will analyze radio waves to gather digital three-dimensional picture of what is in the next room. Currently, the technology creates an animation in the form of figures, which mimics human movement behind walls.

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