Vivo APEX 2019 officially presented!

24 January, the company Vivo officially presented one of the most unusual smartphones in 2019 — Vivo APEX 2019. Novelty has a futuristic design with a Unibody casing, Super, which, according to company executives, “offers a new view on the future of design the smartphone industry”. In this article told us more about a really interesting new product Vivo APEX 2019.


Vivo APEX 2019 had a unique case of a new format Super Unibody. The body is made of glass, which was curved to achieve the most convenient to use forms. In addition, as repeatedly stressed by the leaders of the Vivo during the presentation, the decision was significantly different from most other modern smartphones.

On the body Vivo APEX 2019 there are no “bumps”. Traditional mechanical volume buttons and the power in the smartphone replaced the buttons sensitive to the touch that are hidden directly into the case. Fancy button react to a full-fledged depression, not just for the short touch, which eliminates frequent accidental pressing.

Inside buttons are equipped with special engines to provide the tactile sensations of depression. A similar solution applies, for example, Apple in the iPhone and iPhone Plus 7/7 8/8 Plus touch button “Home”.

Display with a revolution inside

Display Vivo APEX 2019 framed by a very thin frame which has no visible elements, no dynamics, no front camera. The presentation of APEX 2019 Vivo was not known whether the smartphone front camera. It is possible that the engineers of the Chinese company decided to abandon it completely. Speaker the phone has, but it is placed under the display. Due to the technology of Body SoundCasting the sound carried right through the screen using the vibration!

Directly the screen of a smartphone built revolutionary fingerprint scanner. The scanner is a full-screen — to unlock Vivo APEX 2019 with the help of the fingerprint, the user is required to touch virtually any place on the screen. When the user puts a finger on the display to unlock the phone, a special Fingerprint technology Light illuminates the touch. It looks very impressive.

At the presentation, the leaders of the Vivo demonstrated the unusual fingerprint scanner. The sensor operates very quickly and detects the touch of a finger on a large area of the display. Solution Vivo is distinctly different from and better than any on-screen fingerprint scanner that we’ve ever seen before.


In Vivo-based APEX 2019 is a system on the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 855. Powerful chip supports 12 GB (!) RAM. The amount of internal memory is 256 GB.

Vivo APEX 2019 charged exclusively wireless manner, as usual for smartphones connector for charging the new item no. However wireless charging is not performed in the usual way.

Vivo has developed a special technology MagPort (again a reference to Apple) is a magnetic connector on the rear panel, which is used for charging. Due to this decision of the APEX 2019 Vivo is charging wirelessly, quickly and accurately gets to the charging on the dock by magnets.Moreover, the same weird magnetic connector MagPort is used to transfer data from Vivo APEX 2019 on the computer.

Vivo APEX 2019 supports 5G. Of course, public network 5G will appear not soon, but the Chinese company has decided, as its competitors in advance to equip its flagship smartphone module 5G.

At Vivo APEX 2019 while a lot of secrets

Presentation Vivo APEX 2019 turned out to be a tradition for many Chinese manufacturers is spontaneous and not quite complete. During the presentation were not told, nor of the resolution and diagonal measurement of the screen, nor on the characteristics of the dual cameras, which can be seen on images of the smartphone, nor about the presence of the device front camera! Yes, do Vivo APEX 2019 “frontalka” or the manufacturer has decided to completely abandon her at the moment unknown.

It is also unclear whether the smartphone protection from water (although the official image hinting at this), what is the capacity of its battery, and many other important issues remain unanswered. In particular, the unknown price Vivo APEX 2019. How much will it cost such a miracle while one can only guess.

Vivo will hold a complete presentation in Vivo APEX 2019 2019 MWC in late February. Then we’ll know all the missing details about the smartphone.


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