Users voice assistant Alexa, an Amazon company, integrated in a smart column Echo can now abandon the analysis of the voice recordings of its employees, according to Bloomberg. “ Inc. allowed users Alexa to abandon the analysis of their voice recordings. This step is done after the accusations about violation of customer privacy to the company”, — notes the edition. With the new option in the settings, users can delete their records from those that can be analyzed by Amazon employees and contract workers In April, Bloomberg reported that thousands of Amazon employees around the world are listening to audio requests to Alexa with the aim of improving the software. Some of the employees who viewed customer records, have access to certain personal information, including user names and their whereabouts, wrote Bloomberg. “We take seriously the privacy of clients and are constantly reviewing our methods and procedures… We will also update the information that we provide to customers in order to make our practices more clear”, — said the press-Secretary Amazon. Friday, 2 August, Apple temporarily suspended the program for quality control of the voice assistant Siri, in which contractors of the company listened to anonymous users ‘ requests, reported The Verge. Previously, The Guardian, citing sources reported that contractors regularly hear Apple confidential iPhone users in the framework of ensuring “quality control” of the voice assistant Siri.

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