Moscow, April 11 — “News. Economy”the Ministry of defense has narrowed the contenders for the conclusion with it of the cloud contract worth $10 billion Now for the opportunity to provide cloud services to compete with Amazon and Microsoft. Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Were selected for further stages of the tender for the provision of cloud computing services for the Pentagon, Reuters reported, citing a statement from the Ministry of defense.

The project is a Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), on which the Pentagon announced in March 2018, provides for the transfer of all data of the US defense Department into a single cloud. The winner of the tender must be selected before the end of April 2019.

In addition to Amazon and Microsoft, participation in the program JEDI claimed Google, IBM and Oracle, but these three companies dropped out of the race.

Google last year decided to withdraw from participation, as the project may conflict with the company principles on the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Google announced that they would be able to perform part of the contract, if the defense Ministry admitted to the JEDI several executors. The company plans to work with the authorities in the field of cloud computing in other projects.

Representatives of a coalition of Tech Workers Coalition believe that Google abandoned the project because of pressure from workers who have the power in the company and increasingly, it is used. In June 2018, Google has decided not to renew the contract with the Pentagon after protests by employees of the company due to the project using Maven, which should accelerate the recognition of people and objects in the images from the UAVs with artificial intelligence.

But Microsoft, in contrast, does not hesitate to support the military technology. In November 2018, Microsoft won the contract in the amount of $479 million to supply the US army version of the augmented reality headset HoloLens. Against this publicly made thousands of Microsoft employees.

The speech was so significant that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was forced to intervene quite dramatically to respond to employees of the company do not agree with the decision. “We took a principled decision not to refuse technology institutions selected by us in democracies to protect the freedoms that we have. We openly declare in its decision, we will continue the dialogue [with employees],” said Nadella in an interview with CNN Business on the Mobile World Congress event.

The US army said that the first devices will allow military analysts to examine the actions of young and experienced soldiers to train on their own mistakes and those of others. For example, after a basic training on cleaning of the building, the soldiers will be able to see the personal effectiveness by different parameters, and the experts use this data in future classes. IVAS transmits the pulse, sees how the soldier looks, or where to aim.

In the future these helmets will be able to use in combat, but today the gadget requires major improvements: sometimes it fails or navigation map displays incorrect elevation. Microsoft is the most famous but not the only company working on the system. Mark Stevens, Director of acquisition and operations IVAS, told reporters that the project involved 13 companies.

Microsoft is a contractor granted an exclusive contract for a period of 24 months. During this period, other technology companies are working on augmented reality technologies such as Google, Apple, or Magic Leap, will not be eligible to participate in the development of new military technology.

In the race for providing the cloud services to Pentagon favorite is the company of Jeff Bezos. According to rivals Amazon, the contract of the Pentagon designed to win Amazon Web Services. Oracle and IBM tried to challenge the procurement process, chosen by the defense Ministry, and to appeal to the audit chamber of the USA (Government Accountability Office, GAO). However, the claim was not satisfied.

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