A group of Amazon employees who are also shareholders of the largest Internet retailer, has filed several petitions urging the company’s senior management to draw up a more detailed plan to address climate change and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. The proposed measures will be reviewed in the spring at the annual meeting of the company. It is reported portal GreenBiz.

“We realized that we can use their position as employees, our power and our rights as shareholders to bring this issue to the attention of the Board of Directors and top executives of this company,” said one of the authors of the petition of Eliza Peng in an interview with The New York Times.

Compared to other major tech giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, Amazon often talks about his strategy on clean energy. But given the need for quick solutions to the problem of climate change, it needs to change its approach, according to employees. As recalled by GreenBiz, a number of cloud services, which are considered competitors Amazon, Microsoft and Google focused on the search of renewable energy sources, therefore it can be expected that they will be interested in companies looking for cloud providers that do not work from outdated coal-fired power plants.

In January 2018, the company said, which leads nine projects, which are expected to deliver more than 2 million megawatt-hours of electricity.

The journal Information casts doubt on the commitment to Amazon’s goals for renewable energy, citing a broken agreement to purchase wind farms in Ohio, was signed in November 2016. In addition, one of the senior executives, who took office around the same time, I do not agree with the cost scale investment in wind and solar projects. At the same time, cloud services company is expanding, and together with them — and the demand for electricity.

But this year, a record for corporate purchase agreements solar and wind energy (5 GW), Amazon showed no activity. Given the huge growth of cloud business, which brought January to September revenues of $18.2 billion ($12.3 billion in the same period last year), is, according to GreenBiz, is troubling. Technically, the Amazon goal for the transition to clean energy has never been limited in time: the date of full transition to renewable sources, the company never published.

However, Amazon makes a noticeable effort in the field of the struggle for climate: the project Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative should help to organize huge amounts of data about the state of the planet. With the help of service organizations, scientists and individuals exchange rates, forecasts, images, and other information about the oceans, air quality and species. The mechanism of action against hunger developed by the United Nations, the world Bank and the International Committee of the red cross, already uses this repository to monitor factors which may be causes of food insecurity so that areas of concern could receive a warning and to take measures in advance.

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