NEW YORK, August 5. /TASS/. Amazon has provided users of its “smart” speakers, and Echo voice assistant, Alexa option to disable the listen function their messages to employees. This was reported by the portal the Verge.

According to him, in order to allow the transmission of audio files to Amazon employees, the users themselves need to disable this feature in the settings column or smartphone. Previously, it could be done.

“We seriously take the security of personal data of our users and are constantly making improvements to our practices and procedures, — quotes the portal words of the representative of Amazon. — Voice commands of users who will take advantage of this exception will not be transferred within a controlled learning process that involve processing of personal [employees] a very small number of audio recordings”.

The company also gave users the ability to delete messages if they had been transferred for processing. However, users will have to monitor this process, because by default the service will operate as usual. The publication notes that previously, Apple and Google also gave users the same “smart” column with voice assistants the opportunity to prevent employees to listen to their team.

Data security

In July, one of the former contractors, government in the past work with the voice assistant Siri from Apple, anonymously told journalists of the newspaper the Guardian that he and his colleagues regularly heard personal conversations of users. This could happen in particular in cases when the voice assistant has been activated by mistake without the knowledge of the owner.

In July it became known that Google employees regularly listen to voice commands that users give smart dynamics Google Home or the Google Assistant. It is recognized in the official Google blog product Manager of the company David Monsees. He assured that the Google employees don’t know whose audio they are listening, and do not have access to any personal information.

Prior to that, Amazon admitted that its employees are daily users listen to their “smart” speakers, and Echo voice assistant, Alexa. Every day, each specialist, which is charged with, could find hundreds of entries teams of owners of these devices. The company stressed that this is done for the “improvement of voice recognition systems and natural language understanding”.

Amazon is the world’s largest Corporation selling goods and services via the Internet. It was founded in 1994 by entrepreneur Jeff Bezosa. From the sale of the books and records of the company gradually moved to trade videos, video games and consumer electronics, as well as the first in the United States offered to users of its website a paid service to download movies with the ability to view them without connecting to the Internet.

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