A number of companies are investing in Autonomous driving technology, including Apple and Google.

Amazon has never participated in such events, but now the situation has changed significantly since the online store began to invest in Aurora.

Company Aurora has confirmed that its latest funding amounted to about 530 million dollars through investments from Amazon, Sequoia, etc., the Manufacturer stressed the importance of investment from Amazon, because thanks to them, mission on the development of Autonomous technologies can be implemented.

To date, the “Aurora” there is no recognition or such name as is the Waymo or Cruise Automation, but already have many years of experience in the Autonomous region. As Director of the company for a long time held the position of Director of technology for Autonomous cars, Google Alphabet, and the CEO, previously headed the team that created the autopilot Tesla.

Aurora has been kept at a low level, but the company began to work with Hyundai to develop Autonomous vehicles of the 4th level, which will arrive by 2021. Initially the partnership will focus on the cars that will tailor.

Recall that cars with Autonomous control system of the 4th level will be able to move without human intervention. Both companies said that the partnership will be the creation of a safe and very clever vehicles.

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