Amazon is developing a wearable device with voice activation that can recognize human emotions.

According to discovered documents, the project is a wrist gadget that will send data to a smartphone app. The device is equipped with microphones and special software, will be able to discern the emotional state of the owner of the sound of his voice and even give advice on how to effectively communicate with other people.

For the creation of the device meets the Lab126 division of the company and the team, occupying a soft voice assistant Alexa, Bloomberg reports. At the moment it is unknown how far advanced the development or will it be ever a commercial device, since Amazon provides employees with ample opportunities to experiment with products, some of which will never appear on the market, according to Bloomberg.

According to a source publication, the project was code-named Dylan, and he is now at the beta stage.

In early April reported that Amazon is developing its own wireless headphones. They will come with voice assistant Alexa will look and work similarly to the AirPods from Apple.

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