At the moment Apple is among the three most expensive public companies. According to the latest estimates, the market capitalization of Apple giant has already exceeded $ 935 billion. However, Apple has a strong rival in the person of Amazon. Now these two giants are struggling to get the title of the first public company with a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion.

Stock analysts and experts are already not the first month say that Apple has all the chances to come first to the coveted mark of 1 trillion dollars. However, if we consider the growth of Amazon, the company of Jeff Bezos has a chance to reach “finish” first.

In March of this year, the market capitalization of Amazon was $ 752 billion. At the same time, Apple was “worth” almost $ 150 billion more – 893 billion. However, over the past four months, Amazon have managed to significantly reduce the gap. At last count, the market capitalization of the company Jeff Bezos has grown to 900 billion, while Apple — 935 billion.

If this trend continues, Amazon could exceed $ 1 trillion even before the official release of the new Apple smartphone, which is scheduled for autumn this year.


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