Amazon on Tuesday, September 4, briefly joined Apple, becoming the second company in the U.S. with a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion.

Shares of AMZN traded at 2050,50 dollars, but then fell slightly in price to 2039,51 USD.

If the stock price of the online store will continue to grow at this pace, the company is poised to overtake the iPhone maker.

Apple sought to around a trillion dollars almost 38 years, while Amazon took just 21.

The biggest online retailer impressed investors with diversification in virtually every retail industry, changing the approach to purchasing products.

“This event gives to understand a lot about Amazon and its ever-growing dominance in the segment of retail business, as well as in the field of web services. It’s got a tiny global market share of retail sales, so she has room to grow,” said Peter Tuz, President of Chase Investment Counsel.

Amazon also offers streaming video and bought the Whole Foods supermarket, and cloud services company and became a source of huge profits.

“Amazon is a little more dynamic Apple because the iPhone has become more commonplace. Cloud business is an additional driver of growth, and the Corporation of Cupertino is unparalleled,” said Daniel Morgan, Synovus Trust Manager.

According to Morgan, in the second quarter, the share subdivision of cloud services accounted for 55% of operating income in Amazon and 20% of the total income of the company.

Apple started trading on the stock exchange in December 1980, but its shares were not so popular 25 years before the iPhone.

Amazon was founded in 1994 online knigotorgovoe Jeff Bezosa sobstvennom in the garage and started to issue shares on 15 may 1997 at a price of US $ 1.50.

By October 2009, the cost increased to 100 dollars, and may 30, 2017 the shares reached $ 1,000 apiece. August 30 this year, AMZN for the first time will exceed $ 2,000, today gave the company a market value of $ 1 trillion.

With the beginning of the year stock grew by 74.5 percent. For comparison, the 2018 securities Apple rose by only 35.0%.

Analysts expect Apple’s revenue will jump by 14.9 percent this fiscal year ending in September.


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