Amediateka 2.0. The service announced the restart

Amediateka start in 2013. This is one of the first in Russia streaming services working on a subscription model. The company was given access to the series: “Game of thrones”, “Chernobyl”, “Billions”, “True detective”, “the Wild West”, “Killing eve,” and many other hits. And we are not going to stay — ahead of you are waiting for hundreds of Prime.

Third-party technology solution (a Amediateka started that way) does not allow to react quickly to market changes and user preferences. The company realized that we needed to rethink everything and build a new technological platform, taking into account the peculiarities of the service and desires of our subscribers. This is probably due to problems which arose in the audience Imediately while watching the final season of Game of thrones. Service was slow, some people could not on the day of release to watch the series.

Now, what has changed in 2.0 Amediateka, according to the developers:

completely changed the design of the website, mobile application, versions for SmartTV, Apple TV and Android TV;

changed CDN (infrastructure for content distribution) — now the series will be loaded instantly;

added “Profiles” — now account to share with your friends and connect up to 5 devices and profiles that are divided views;

updated the option “Continue browsing” — you can now begin to look at home, continue on phone and finish on a SmartTV or Vice versa;

added sound DolbyDigital 5.1;

mobile version of the site became responsive.

When you launch a new product, mistakes are inevitable: it is enough to remember how many times failed Elon Musk, Steve jobs or Thomas Edison. That’s part of our users are having problems with. I want to apologize and assure you that all of these errors we see and fix in the near future.

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