Russian — this idea will not like. The largest US companies, and therefore the world, issued a statement in which they report that their priorities change. Now they no longer consider profit to shareholders as its main business.

Thus for the first time officially changed the corporate purpose 181 the largest US companies, among which are Apple and Amazon. The head of the giants, who are in fact shape the modern world, signed a statement according to RBC.

Now the most important part of the success will be considered investments in development of companies, especially their employees, as well as in various organizations that make life of citizens more comfortable and acceptable.

Business Roundtable Group was founded in 1972, to include all of America’s largest corporations — Coca Cola, Boeing, Bank of America, Ford, Exxon Mobil, General Motors. In short, all companies that are considered to be giants not only American but also the global industry.

And now for the first time in almost half a century of its existence, the corporate heads came to the conclusion that money is not important. More precisely, it is very important and such an item as a goal, too, remains, but no profit is the ultimate goal of human existence.

They believe that the most important thing is to realize the dream of every individual. What in the world is known as the “American dream”. According to businessmen, it is still there, but faded considerably.

This is due to the fact that most people have in modern society a lot of work, and the reward is not big enough to fulfill your dreams. This leads to the fact that people become unhappy and thus laid the foundations of future discontent and upheavals in society.

Capitalists do not deny that their efforts to play a proactive, seeing the issue now, not when all of this will lead to a social explosion. They call it a long term investment, so from the business point of view doing everything right.

In Russia this news is likely to be left without proper attention. It is not used to consider their employees part of the capital and some way to invest. The maximum that they are capable of is maker, and the most advanced create a loft with Ottomans instead of desktops. That’s all.

And for that, the employee must work from morning till night, until you burn out. After which it is completely without any regret to part because you can always recruit a new one without problems. That is, the domestic business earns not so much surplus value, how much savings on the person. Because here there is no class companies Apple and Amazon. And will not in the near future.

These companies statement by the American colleagues do not like it, because it immediately and irrevocably throws them from the perspective of business, operating at world standards and we can no longer hide behind “world standards”.

Like this idea maybe the state corporations — Gazprom, Rostec, RUSNANO, which has managed in recent years of the global leaders in its industry will roll on compared to provincial companies. And some have been unable to purchase anything but loud signs.

Now they rightly will say that the main thing is not profit, there are other, more important criteria for assessing the performance of the company. Only about human capital and investment in the future, we, most likely, they will not hear anything. There will come up with its own criteria and will assure that they have it is important.

Still, the application 181 of the Corporation is extremely important. It completely changes the rules of the game in the international market and shows that modern business is mindful of all social upheavals of the twentieth century and is willing to be proactive. It is worth considering and Russia on this, as most of the injured. And not only business.

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