Says that Apple has specifically concealed the fringe of the is smartphone.

Against Apple filed another lawsuit. American Courtney Davis has accused Apple of “intentional deception of all customers” due to the fact that the iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone have cropped the sides of the top frame. According to the plaintiff, on a promotional poster Apple intentionally hides “Bang” than introduces consumer confusion.

Davis believes that Apple is hiding it top-cropped sides frame iPhone XS iPhone XS Max on the advertising posters to make them more beautiful. When she saw an advertisement for the new Apple smartphones, you will notice that they have no “monopoly”. Immediately after this happy American pre-order iPhone XS Max.

Came the smartphone has upset a buyer, because he, understandably, was circumcised on the sides of the top frame. Davis was so upset about what he saw that he decided to sue Apple and seek not only reimbursement for the money spent, but the prohibition of such “abusive advertising practices.”

The author of the claim urged other “victims” to join. She stated that many consumers could be deceived by Apple’s commercials. Experts believe that it will not come to a real court and Apple will try to resolve a conflict situation in the pretrial order.

Source: BI.


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