In anticipation of the announcement of the new generation of Apple’s smartphones research company Simon-Kucher & Partners has published the results of a study in which participated more than 10 000 Americans. According to the survey, many US residents don’t mind paying for the iPhone more than $ 2,000.

The analysts note that the majority of respondents do not look at the final cost of the iPhone and the monthly fees. Experts Simon-Kucher & Partners claim that at the moment, among the potential buyers of Apple smartphones has a lot of young and affluent people. They are willing to pay for iPhone not 60,99 dollars a month and or even 99,99 69,99 dollars a month. In the latter case, subject to a two-year contract price will be almost $ 2,400.

The study by Simon-Kucher & Partners showed that about 10% of consumers considering the purchase of a new iPhone model, ready to pay for the device over 2 000 dollars, and 15% agree to a price over 1 $ 800.

However, it is understood that, if necessary, to pay for a new iPhone all $ 2000 at once, the number of people willing to buy such an expensive new product is reduced only to 1%.


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