We had two Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Compass, compass and map of Georgia. Not that it’s needed in the trip, but once I began to travel, then go to your passion until the end. Here’s the plan: sea, mineral water in Borjomi, Vardzia caves.

~~Airplane~~, train, car

From 8 July the Russian airlines not to fly to Georgia and Georgian in Russia. The Ministry of transport says that it is unsafe, and the favor of the Georgians for air navigation have accumulated a fair amount. Well, there are other ways.

By train: from Moscow to Vladikavkaz (from 4 to 10 thousand rubles) and then by bus (1500) on the Georgian Military highway to Tbilisi. The train is 36-38 hours, the bus just over three. Long, picturesque, and romantic.

Machine: Russia and Georgia is only one border crossing point of Upper Lars. Queue in summer, queue in winter, the road is sometimes closed due to snowfall and landslides. Long, picturesque, and exhausting. All we like.

And all the plane: the Georgian airlines have come up with an alternative — flights with a short stopover in Yerevan. Fast, legal, inexpensive.

We start in Batumi. Here every year a five-storey multi-colored “panels” are diluted more and more luxury apartments. The city that does not spoil: eclecticism in his DNA. Even the monument there is a corresponding Tower of the Alphabet (pronounced as “anbani cat”). Around 130-foot pole hovering two helices with letters of the Georgian alphabet, the Georgian DNA molecule.

Batumi is a typical seaside resort: hotels, casinos, beaches. Along the coast offer boat trips and wine tourism in their free time business catch fish and mend the tired boats.

On the waterfront is a lovely example of modern art — composition “Love”. Two metal pieces are slowly moving towards each other, merge and diverge again.

Sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze was inspired by the heroes of the novel “Ali and Nino” — the history of relations of Georgian and Azerbaijani.

Near one of the five-star hotels showed British house on wheels. Looks like it was designed with the expectation of the imminent zombie Apocalypse.

However, we are not at the glamorous convertibles: he collected the whole range of Jeep, except Renegade. He stayed home, not because we were afraid to break him in the mountains. Just “small” that’s a massive update and be the hero of the separate notes.

Cars, as usual, less than willing to steer, so we chose two extremes: Wrangler and Compass. Just be honest, the order was wrong: on the ground traveled more on the pavement, and the second fell hard mountain roads.

In the main old Wrangler does not change. This is how to come to the country, to find there his old bike and chase to the river. Everything seems familiar, but smiling ears converge on the back of his head.

Turns, rebuild and other asphalt roads Wrangler rightly despises, on the dispersal of nose, and on potholes nervously shaking. Buzz! Rare frame SUV would give more. The same can be said about the interior, and about equipping the Wrangler. Falling in love is not difficult, even if you close your eyes on the coolest “cowboy” details, like decorative screw caps, red inserts “under bare metal” and old-school wheel round the hub.

The last update added a ton of features: “slinky” chairs, the handles on the front pillars, devices with a large screen in the center, brutal toggle switch control differentials, multimedica with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, USB connectors in the right amounts. Comfort is necessary for all, even the demon, Bigfoot and Pithecanthropus, who use the Wrangler just for their savage deeds.

On the way to Borjomi, we were stopped by a police officer. They’re everywhere and always drive with the included “chandeliers”. Thought, the guards will ask about the Wrangler, but no frowns. We drove to the railway crossing, slowed down the speed to 0.0001 km/h and had to stop completely. A fine of 50 lari (about 1100 rubles) paid in a miniature Bank cash directly at the hotel. Despite the justice of punishment, the residue left: in the mountains we saw dozens of dangerous overtaking across the solid — that’s who should be fined.

In Borjomi, there is beauty and there is not very much. Beauty — the mountains, the Kura river and modern hotel. Not really — everything else. The famous Park, it would not hurt to clean and paint. At the entrance the source of raveneli pipe the water flows. To gain it absolutely free of charge, if captured Tara. If no plastic bottles sell immediately. They are almost like a full bottle of mineral water in the store.

At the entrance to the Park you need to pay 2 lari (44 rubles). There’s only one water source — a warm, healing and fragrant. You can improve your health not only on the inside: in the Park, there are sulphur baths.

The famous mineral water plant Borjomi gets out of the ground. Rather, it flows by itself: from a depth of 8-10 km it pushes the natural carbon dioxide. On the way to the surface fall into the water several dozen minerals. Extremely useful, of course, and not as the town water supply.

The next day. According to plan the assault on the mountain pass, completely devoid of asphalt. Not without mental anguish replaceable Wrangler on the Compass. And you know what? Compass — any discounts and special treatment. First, it’s a Jeep, and secondly for its class is quite expensive: the Limited version starts from 2 369 000. However, for the money Jeep gives a lot of good: dual-zone climate, heated seats and steering wheel, devices with 7-inch screen (the versions of the simpler it’s half the size), multimedia Uconnect, active cruise (Yes, in traffic too!), containment system in the lane and automatic emergency braking.

On the battered roads of the Georgian Compass harsh, but to slow down no desire: the energy suspension strikes zipovskoy confidence. Off the asphalt, and this confidence is only getting stronger. In mud Mud mode nine-automatic long delayed at lower ranges, and crossover fearlessly hurtling down the same track, that and Wrangler. Jeep, he and Georgia jeep!

Finally, Vardzia! Climb to the rocky monastery on the machines are not allowed — preserve. You can walk, lift looks killer, but it’s easier and faster to catch a minibus that warp back and forth every 10 minutes.

Originally Vardzia was started as a fortress, there was a border with alarming Persia and Turkey. In the mountain erusheti (“Bear”) opened more than 600 rooms, connected by corridors and stairways. In case of war, these catacombs could shelter 20,000 people. And not just to hide and live a normal life for some time: in the Fort were supplies of water, food, wine, had a bath and even a library.

From the surface to the fortress were three camouflaged entrance. Now everything is different because of the earthquake that happened in 1283. Then a giant piece of rock broke off and exposed the inside of the “anthill”. Survived only one-third of the complex.

Vardzia was repeatedly plundered by the Persians and the Ottomans, the cave was abandoned and became a refuge for shepherds. After the accession of Georgia to the Russian Empire was a short period of recovery, and then the Soviet power and the status of the Museum.

You will want to take off (this is not a figure of speech and figure, which the gym crying) on a gastronomic note. When the contents of shashlik and khinkali in the body close to the overdose, a local confided that their diet consists mainly of vegetables and herbs. Thanks, will take note! /m

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