A very strange situation.

Subscribers of the mobile operator Tele2 complain of a very strange write-offs. The money goes even those subscribers, who connected content the expense of prohibiting the sudden connection of any paid subscriptions. Understand the situation and found the right support staff as Tele2 to return the money.

Among Tele2 subscribers, strange write-offs — how to get the money back

Callers reported strange write-downs in the group in Vkontakte and on the official forum Tele2. Write-offs are happening are really strange. The affected subscribers in the list of used services appeared drillthrough queries, which recently became paid. However, none of the subscribers requests to detail did not.

One of the users noticed that his e-mail in my account was changed to [email protected] In addition, log personal account, a notification of entering an unfamiliar IP addresses, just at the time when the query was executed on detail.

The email address of the subscriber has been replaced by another

When the victim is a subscriber applied this information in support of the operator, he returned the money. Also, the support staff promised that “the guilty will be punished.” Because of what happened like a strange entry and the request detail could not figure out. Similar cases online seen for more than a decade. To deal with the problem and return the money turned out only two users.

In this regard, Tele2 subscribers recommended for the prevention of check your personal account on the subject of occurrence of unusual requests in detail. If these really are, you should contact support with the evidence and return the money.


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